Our first game was a turn-based, sci-fi strategy game that ran in a web browser (Flex/Flash). Inspired by Games Workshop, we created a multi-player (up to 5 vs. 5) large-scale battle arena.

21 thoughts on “Thresh Wars

  1. Hey guys, I use to play this game a ton when it was open and running. I miss this game like crazy, it was overall a 8.5/10 game easily, miss the community and the strategy. I really hope this game comes back !! Or atleast you guys are working on a 2ND thresh wars. When I played my name was FireStar , don’t know if you guys know or knew the members but Yea. Hope the best to you .

    1. Hey FireStar! Thanks for support. And sorry we had to shut down the game. We have no immediate plans, but often think its time to try again. We’d love to hear what you would do differently in a 2.0 TW.

  2. Sadly, I couldn’t find much time to play TW while it was around, but in my opinion, Thresh Wars was, as FireStar said, easily an 8.5/10 game. It was a way to play those war games with miniatures (like Warhammer and Warhammer 40k) with out having to pay hundreds of dollars just to assemble an army for a single faction, and with its own still developing, satisfying lore. I also liked how far you allowed the time limit to be set, as these long-term turns, while open to abuse for people just stalling out the game, enables those with patchy schedules because of work and/or schooling to play this kind of long-term game. It even helps idiots like me (who take way too long anyways) to have a fighting chance. I’m totally up for a TW 2, but even with the original, all you needed was a sustainable F2P model. Here’s to you finding one, since I’ll be waiting patiently!

  3. I loved this game and I’ve been looking for something to replace it since it went away. I would definitely love to keep the long turn times. They were good for my school years and I can imagine that it would only be more helpful now that I’m an “adult.” That and the fine control you had over the movement of your units was really great. Maybe that’s just because the way I discovered to play the game was to barely inch into the range of enemies and get the first shot off.

    I did have problems with the business model though. Now This may be colored by the progress of time and the fact that my opinions hadn’t been fully formed at the time, but the most powerful units, the 3 action tanks, the mortar infantry and the giant fortresses felt significantly more powerful and were hard to acquire without paying or putting in a lot of time. I remember getting a sufficient amount of them eventually, but that’s time not spent trying to build up another army for that kind of variety. Not sure what to replace it with as a model, but as a teenager it felt frustrating because they were just better than what you started with, at least they felt like it and it increased the time it took so long to get a whole force together.

    Oh and Stryder’s best faction. The novelty of gaining speed, but not losing defenses is quite nice to me.

  4. Great game back then! The game name popped up in my head just a few hours ago and I had to play it again and now I see it was shut down. Made my heart sink a little, but I read on and hope to see a future for the game. I feel like there is a high chance to seek players especially with the idea the game is built on. It’s unique in its on way and these games are becoming very popular again (eg. Halo wars, CIV REVO). There should be a push for a 2.0 or a revive, and I would be more then happy to help one day by patreon and I’m sure there are other fans that still exist out there! 9/10 when I first played it, loved it so much! I hope to see you come back!

      1. Circular combat system. When I played long ago a lot of the problem with the game is that certain units just beat other units in performance.

        Not sure how the system would work, but if it’s like the old version. Most of the things should stay, but there needs to be an air unit. Something that maybe arty can’t hit to force a mix of units, but it’s own firepower is still heavily affected by terrain armor.

        I dunno, just a smaller change.

        Happy Holidays.

  5. This was a good game. You almost don’t see any game like this nowadays.

    One thing I have been looking for is a complete list of all the units, including the Premium units.
    I was wondering if you still had such a list on hand?

    1. Thanks, Peter. I have the the full unit list. Can you email me? btw: Ive been seriously considering a redux of ThreshWars. What big changes, if any, would you like to see. I’m assuming that turn-based was the primary reason fir our failure, and looking at a real-time approach.

      1. Perhaps there is a significant difference in the number of people who like RTS vs the number of people who like turn based systems, but the success of things like Divinity Original Sin 2 and Xcom 2 suggest to me that turn based is alive and well. Admittedly those are more squad based than a full on battle, but at the very least I would be very disappointed to see it change to a real time system as I have been wanting a replacement for thresh wars for a very long time and just ignoring what’s in my steam library trying in vain to find a turn based sci-fi war game.

        One of the things that may have been a problem was that it was free to play before free to play really caught on. That and the whole pay to win model with the premium units. A model where you can pay approximately as much as a full game to get all the units in decent number or maybe all the units with unlimited number and then have further cosmetic things would seem to be a good idea for a free to play model, especially if the old premium units got brought down to a balanced level.

        Honestly I couldn’t tell you what I wanted in a second one. Time has eroded away what I disliked mechanically, which may not have been anything. That and generally speaking people don’t know what they want until they are given it. At least in the terms of new experiences. So sorry if that is not terribly helpful.

    2. I believe this is the complete list of units. If anyone sees any errors, please let me know.








      1. Man, I couldn’t tell you which units were which. But it seems like they’re all there as the lists have 11 and I can think that there were 3 infantry, 2 artillery, 4 tanks and the recon vehicles and the fortresses so… 3+2+4+1+1=11. Not that saying that is super helpful. I would like to state again, that to me personally making the game real time will possibly kill all my interest in the possibility of this coming back.

  6. Hey guys, just remembered this game and was looking to see if it was still up and running. Sad to see it gone but I hope you do a 2.0. Seeing as you struggled to keep it going, why not make a mobile version with some form of premium account that gives a boost of some sort. May not suit but whatever the case, Ill be keeping an eye out for future games.

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